Pancreatic Cancer Study wins BCCA Translational Research Award

To create new opportunities for linkages in translational research, BCCA Clinicians and Researchers established three $20,000 BCCA translational research awards in May 2013. 

On Thursday 8th of August, the three winners were announced.  One of the successful research proposals is focused on pancreatic cancer and is entitled "Evaluation of tumor hypoxia and therapeutic targeting of carbonic anhydrase IX/XII in pancreatic cancer".  The lead investigators are Drs Shoukat Dedhar, David Schaeffer, Daniel Renouf and Donald Yapp.  The project aims to generate valuable data on the role of tumor hypoxia in pancreatic cancer biology, the expression of hypoxia induced proteins, and also provide significant insights into the feasibility of targeting pancreatic cancer with novel inhibitors. The project will begin immediately and preliminary results are expected in May 2014. 

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